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Shake Baby Protein Diet Shake (11 Flavors Available)
Price RM86.90 - RM103.90
Brand Shake Baby
Availability Pre-Order

Strawberry 750G

Chocolate 750G

Grain 750G

Matcha 750G

Peach Yogurt 750G

Mint Choco 750G

Chocolate Brownie 700G

Salted Caramel 700G

Vanilla Cream 700G

Soy Bean 480G

Earl Grey Milk Tea 480G


Frequency and Directions of Use:

1.Pour 180-200 ml of milk or soy milk into shaker

2.Add 2 spoonful (30 gm) of Shake Baby

3.Shake it well

4.Enjoy the drink!

5.Can consume once or twice on a daily basis

6.Can be used as a meal replacement