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Noscarna Gel (1 Bottle/20g) Noscarna祛疤膏
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Brand Noscarna
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Noscarna Gel (1 Bottle/20g) Noscarna祛疤膏


Don’t worry about scars anymore ! Noscarna Gel – Korea No.1 clear up gel that is effective in scar treatments such as hypertrophic keloid scars, acne scars, and surgical scars ! From Korea Dong-A Pharmaceutical, currently the largest pharmaceutical company in South Korea that has a history of more than 70 years, This hot-selling gel contains ingredients such as heparin sodium, allantoin and dexpanthenol, all of which are effective in scar reduction and wound healing. The results of clinical trials have proven that it can help restore skin tone to 78% and reduce scar thickness by 33.2%.


  • Has a good effect on removing skin scars and acne marks 
  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Help restore skin tone to 78% and reduce scar thickness by 33.2%.


Skin Type: Ideal for acne scar, surgery scar and keloidalis scar


Heparin Sodium – Prevent scar by reducing collagen production that contributes to scar formation.

Allantoin – Prevent scar formation by anti-inflammatory and cell growth promotion.

Dexpanthenol – Moisturize skin that can easily loose moist and improve redness.


How to use?

Lightly apply a few times a day to the wound and surrounding skin.


Capacity: 20g

What's in the box

Noscarna Gel (1 Bottle/20g)