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LACTO-FIT PROBIOTICS GOLD (2g x 90sachet) 韩国LACTO-FIT 黄金肠乳酸菌益生菌
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Brand Lacto-Fit
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LACTO-FIT PROBIOTICS GOLD (2g x 50sachet) 韩国LACTO-FIT 黄金肠乳酸菌益生菌 Best Before 27/9/2022






  1. If you’re having trouble with bowel movement
  2. If you want to take probiotics and vitamins conveniently



It contains nine lactic acid bacteria types, including three patented bacteria, and vitamin C.

Probiotics: It increases lactic acid bacteria and prevents harmful stomach bacteria growth.

With the Probio Cap Coating technology, probiotics—which are sensitive to heat and acidity—stay in the stomach for an extended period.



Patented lactic acid bacteria and vitamin C can be consumed one stick a day.

Easy-to-take yogurt-flavored powder


Product Type:

Health Functional Food (Probiotics, Vitamin C)



Vitamin C, L.plantarum, E.faecium, L.acidophilus, B,longum, Lc.lactis, L.rhamnosusm L.helveticus, S.thermophilus, B.bifidum, Crystalline Glucose, Mixed vegetable cream powder, Mixed yogurt powder, Inulin/Chicory extract powder, Agave syrup powder, Fructooligosaccharide, Isomalt, Yogurt-flavored powder, Multimineral mix, Multivitamin mix, Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide Enzymatically modified stevia #Milk, Soybean


How to use?

Take one sachet a day. 
Store at cool and dark place.
Avoid direct sunlight.
After opening please eat as soon as possible.


Nutrition Information:

A single dose 1 sachets (2 g) Calorie 10 Kcal Carbohydrate 2 g (1%), Protein 0 g (0%), Fat 0 g (0%), Sodium 0 mg (0%), Probiotics 100,000,000CFU, Vitamin C 100 mg (100%)

# Numbers in parentheses indicate daily nutrient requirements


Functional Information:
Probiotics: It increases lactic acid bacteria, prevents harmful stomach bacteria growth, and helps promote regular bowel movement.

Vitamin C: Required to build connective tissues and protect cells. Required to protect cells from free radicals. Required to absorb iron. Dosage, Instructions, and Cautions



2g x 50sachet, Total 100g


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