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Japan PELICAN For Back Medicated Soap For Acne 135g 背部去祛痘皂
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Brand Pelican
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Japan PELICAN For Back Medicated Soap For Acne 135g 背部去祛痘皂

Eczema, dermatitis (rash, sores) when there is a skin disorder such as is, please do not use because there is a fear that worsen. Rash or, when you feel the stimulation, please discontinue use. - Please note that turning a blind eye. • When it reaches the eyes, please immediately rinse without rubbing. • If the discomfort persists in the eyes, please consult your ophthalmologist.


In handy every day of care, of Aim Venus back! With charcoal and mud & papain enzyme formulations, medicated soap to prevent back acne.

• 1. OFF pores jams in charcoal and mud (cleaning component) and the enzyme papain (a proteolytic enzyme) formulation of soap!

• 2. Sterilization in the medicinal ingredient!

• 3. Moisture also leave washed with bentonite glycerin! - Can be tightly care in 3Step, it is back acne for medicated soap.


Back was the acne can be easy to place! Back was the acne can be easy to place! To dress the perforated back, pool and summer fashionable! I can be seen in person than you think, neglect tend to back the skin care by yourself.


In fact, the back is has been said that the site is often secretion of sebum as face, Moreover, since the dress, humidity and temperature is high ... Furthermore, plaque blocks the pores, that acne bacteria are likely to breed, it is thoroughly of acne was able to friendly environment! ! Such fact has been developed for trouble of "back acne" that many of the women have in common, "medicated soap ForBack". In three steps, and then firmly cleaning & sterilization. In daily care, Aim, of Venus from behind! !


Capacity: 135g