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Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Moisturizing Sun (30ml) 保湿防晒霜
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Brand Dr.Jart+
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Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Moisturizing Sun (30ml)



  • 有機防曬劑,其廣譜 SPF50+ PA++++ 可有效保護您的皮膚免受有害紫外線的傷害。
  • 神經酰胺成分形成保濕屏障,讓您的皮膚在 24 小時內保持充分滋潤。
  • 快速吸收的凝膠質地深入皮膚,有助於解決內部乾燥問題。
  • 皮膚科醫生測試。
  • 如何使用:
  • 在護膚程序的最後一步,在日曬前至少20-30分鐘取適量均勻塗抹於面部。

A creamy sunscreen that combines sun protection with all-day hydration. With broad-spectrum SPF of 50+, Dr. Jart’s Every Sun Day Moisturizing Sun delivers a fluid-like consistency that is easily applied without leaving behind a white cast. Added ceramide helps nourish and protect the skin while slowing down the UV-induced signs of aging. Use as a primer before makeup or as a stand-alone daytime moisturizer. Suitable for all skin types, and especially great for dry or dehydrated.

Helpful info:
UVA - Long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) rays penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin's thickest layer and causes premature skin aging, wrinkling and dark spots.
UVB - Short wave ultraviolet B (UVB) rays burn the superficial layers of the skin and is the main cause of sunburn and skin cancer.
PA - More + signs mean longer protection against UVA
SPF - Higher numbers mean longer protection against UVB.

TO USE: Apply onto face as last step of basic skin care. Pat lightly until fully absorbed. Apply evenly onto neck, arms, and legs where sun exposure occurs. Reapply as needed for long-term sun exposure.

Capacity: 30ml